How Internet Marketing is Like an Acoustic Guitar

I love acoustic guitar. Even better – I love an acoustic guitar that you can plug into an amp when you want a little more volume. It has warm rich tones when you strum it. And clean notes when you pick it. And it’s even better with some nice shiny new strings. I restrung my guitar the other day and it sounds awesome – crisp. The best thing about it though, is that it’s portable. I can play it with a group of friends at a party. I can play it anywhere.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

And it occurred to me that Internet marketing (or content marketing) is a lot like an acoustic guitar. It’s a way we can do business anywhere and anytime. It’s portable. We can do it in the comfort of our own homes, or down the street at the nearest coffee shop with a free Wi-Fi connection. Ah, I love coffee, and you gotta love free Wi-Fi.

We are fortunate in this time and age that we have the freedom to do business anywhere we choose, from anywhere in the world. We can take it with us as we sit on the beach, drinking from a tall cold glass of beverage. Beads of condensation twinkling in the sunshine, as the waves woosh on the shore. Straw hat and sunglasses. Laptop on our lap – doing business.

Internet marketing can be warm and friendly as we build relationships with others online. And what I’m talking about is the “new” way business is done – through blogging, authorship, audience building, and the connection revolution.

It starts with good compelling content or content marketing. Stuff that people can feel, be a part of, and share. It’s so easy to share on the Internet, just a click of a mouse and your stuff gets shared on social media. Isn’t it exciting?  It’s an experience that’s more than a cold handshake in a stuffy bar. Though, some would argue that the Internet is a cold place. I tend to disagree. I’ve met a good amount of warm decent people on the net. Probably warmer than some I’ve met face-to-face.

The good compelling content stuff? That’s something that each of us works at. What I can tell you is this – work your hardest to be yourself and share your innermost thoughts and feelings. It will resonate with people, I promise you.


3 thoughts on “How Internet Marketing is Like an Acoustic Guitar
  1. It’s the first time I heard someone makes a comparison between internet marketing and acoustic guitar but it’s a good one!
    Internet marketing is also like a guitar because a lot of people are using both but only few of them can stand out from the crowd.

    • Adrien,
      I really appreciate that you liked this post. I come from a musical background, so I can’t help blogging about what I love to do. I agree 100% with your statement that only a few stand out from the crowd.


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